About Us
Huellas que Trascienden combats poverty by turning, in an innovative and integral way, the talents that the indigenous women of Chiapas have into income for their households.

We provide an interest free loan in the form of goods

We promote cultural exchange and community-based tourism.

We offer the workshop "A Business that Transcends".

We monitor their projects through consulting sessions for up to 3 years.

We assist the participants in selling their products in a fair market.
We are creating empowered and productive women in order to build a better Mexico.
The women who receive support from Huellas que Trascienden obtain several benefits.

Learn about basic business topics from our workshops
Save money to improve their way of life.
Turn their innate abilities into income.
Attend consulting sessions.
Paty Jo’on biil te Patricia jonel. Wokolayal te mamtik te bit’il...Show more.
MartaJo’on Marta. Wokolayal te mamtik te bit’il layak’tiktel te apoyoe...Show more.
RosaJo’on Rosa on. Te la yabon koltayel te mamtik layabontel...Show more.
Excursions that Transcend
excursion to the community of Yochib. MORE INFORMATION
Volunteers and Collaborators
At Huellas que Trascienden AC we know that human capital is the most important asset to be able to offer humanitarian aid. Throughout the year, we are looking for people with the motivation and the heart to help the women of Chiapas make their dreams come true.
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RosyI like being part of this project because we help indigenous women be better people and the workshops that are given are being fruitful...Show more.
KatiaMy name is Katia Alejandra González García, I am 19 years old, from Tuxtla Gutiérrez...Show more.
DanielaI was motivated to support this organization because it seems to me to be a very important action...Show more.

Huellas que Trascienden’s success depends, in large part, on people with a great heart and on the companies who are committed to the community that help through donations. All donations receive a mexican tax-deductible receipt per donor request.
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LuisRegularly, the NGO’s have excellent initiative, great ideals and a lot of drive ...Show more.
JuanThe conscientousness that Huellas que Trascienden exemplifies to the population should detonate general support ...Show more.
EduardoHuellas que Trascienden is an initiative that we cannot ignore or not support ...Show more.
Huellas can be translated as prints. The hand represents the effort of the women that want to transcend by leaving poverty behind and improving the opportunities of the future generations.

Special thanks to Edgar Hernandez for the design of the logo.
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